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Our primary goal is customer satisfaction. It gives us the greatest joy and energy for creative work. We like to play with different styles. Give them a new character, inspired by the preferences and personality of the client. That is why our house designs and interior design are original. The only one of a kind create a new value of the TISSU brand.

TISSU Interior Architects

The Tissu Architecture design office was founded in January 2009 for the love of architecture. Our team is created by qualified designers. Our interior architects graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at prestigious universities in the country and abroad. We offer professional interior design and houses. Each interior architect employed with us regularly participates in industry symposia and improves their workshop in the field of knowledge about market news.

As interior and houses designers, we deal with the entire investment process. Starting from the first concept of the project, through comprehensive executive projects, to supervision over the investment to turnkey implementation. We work with professional construction teams and industry companies. House design and interior design are our passion. Our inspiration is the client and his individual expectations … See how we work, check our portfolio

We are members of the elite Association of Interior Architects associating professional workshops at the highest level. “SAW standards are a formula created for related interior architects and their clients. They are an indicator of the manner of operation of their affiliates, their professionalism, requirements and expectations. They also guarantee customers choosing the studios associated in SAW that the commissioned service will be performed at the highest level and according to strictly defined rules .” Saw.org.pl.






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When designing, we see and shape the form, space and light that are variable in time. The client, interacting in such a space, experiencing it and completing her, creates a house.

Design is evolution. It is a path leading from one concept to another, where some realized ideas develop in time. What is beautiful is a combination of a vision, experience and skills of an architect with the needs, own experiences and a client’s vision. When starting the project, we have imposed some frames by the client, the building of the building or the place. It is our duty to convince and inspire the client to new, non -obvious solutions that will become the greatest value in its interior. Those that may be unknown to him and seem controversial at the beginning.


What is a dream home for you?

A place of relaxation, time spent with loved ones, giving a sense of security, a place that gives joy and happiness. The house is seen with our eyes. The eyes of architects are also, and maybe even above all … the space surrounding us, filled with textures, colors that change over time. At any time of the day and year, we receive this space differently thanks to the accompanying light. The staff seen through the windows are an inseparable element of the interior space.

The house is primarily You …

… you give him the final character, fill him with your interests, memories, relationships, friends. This combination of our view on the house and your energy and history creates a complete whole. The world of nature is also our inspiration. We draw it wherever we are. Sometimes these are exotic places and moments captured while traveling. Another time a walk in the woods or the sound of waves and the heat of sand under the feet. We transfer them to the project in the form of natural materials. Our favorites are stone and wood, whose uniqueness and diversity are infinite.
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