Our strengths

Design is an evolution. It is a path leading from one concept to another, where some implemented ideas develop over time. What is beautiful is the combination of the architect’s vision, experience and skills with the needs, own experiences and vision of the client. When starting a project, we have certain frames imposed by the client, the body of the building or the place. Our duty is to convince and inspire the client to new, unobvious solutions that will become the greatest value inside him, and which may be unknown to him and seem controversial at first.

The combination of security, i.e. basing on solutions proven over the years of practice, and madness, i.e. looking for new, untested and simply invented ideas is our goal. What is our strength is our own way, which we came. Everyone has their own and unique. Our path has led us to a place where we are able to offer our style, our perception of the client’s needs, our work style. Tissu is designing interiors and houses in an unconventional and completely unique style.

The holistic eye of an architect

When we design a building from scratch, we think from the beginning about what it will look like inside. Putting the first line on the design of the house, we immediately imagine its interior. We adjust the architectural form to the interior design solutions, maintaining a very high quality of the design both from the facade and from the inside. We know how to combine an interesting architectural design with appropriate functional and aesthetic interior solutions.

Tissu is us, interior and house architects with passion, who pursue the common goal of creating space as a place to live, work or play for a specific user. The facilities are tailored to the planned function, lifestyle and aesthetics. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our projects and invite you to a non-binding meeting, where you will tell us about your plans, and we will explain what design looks like and answer any questions. See you…

Agnieszka Zaremba & Magdalena Kostrzewa-Świątek

TISSU Architects

Agnieszka Zaremba

co-owner – CEO

Magdalena Kostrzewa – Świątek

co-owner – CEO

Katarzyna Dąbek

architect – designer

Anna Pokrywińska

architect – designer

Paweł Brończak

project manager

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